BTB65 Talkbox STIPA Source Loudspeaker

 BTB65 Talkbox STIPA Source Loudspeaker BTB65(1) BTB65(2)
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BTB65 Talkbox STIPA Source Loudspeaker

Every STIPA measurement needs a source for sending STIPA signals. The BTB65 STIPA Talkbox is used as an electronic signal source mimicking all the frequencies and modulations of human speech. The BTB65 Audio Talkbox has an interactive LCD touchscreen, which allows you to easily control all features and monitor its settings with a single touch. The BTB65 Talkbox also plays back calibrated speech signals, to announce the beginning and end of tests and to obtain a subjective impression of speech intelligibility while testing (male and female speech, US, UK, SP, FR, GE, NL)
Used along with either SM50 or SM90 STIPA meter for an accurate and reliable STI measurement.

  • BTB65 Talkbox offers two kinds of noise: pink noise and white noise, as well as sinewaves & sweeps
  • The BTB65 Talkbox acoustic signal generator has excellent ±1 dB flatness from 80 Hz to 16 kHz and plays back signal at a standardized (calibrated) signal level of 54-72dB(A) @ 1m. The signal levels can be increased or decreased to nominal level to test dynamics
  • The Talkbox simultaneously plays back test signals via a balanced XLR output jack (on the back of the device) and via its loudspeaker
  • The acoustic and electric output channels can be independently muted, and the output level is also controlled independently
  • The STIPA test signals are generated according to IEC-60268-16 rev. 4 (2011) and draft rev. 5 (2017)
  • The laser pointer is useful when positioning a microphone in front of the Talkbox, for accurate on-axis alignment
  • Talkbox is fitted with an adapter for standard camera tripods at the bottom
  • Full STI signal is copyrighted and watermarked. With the purchase of the BTB65 Talkbox, a non-transferable perpetual licence is acquired to use the Full STI signal on all projects and for all STI-measuring needs

STIPA Talkbox/ STIPA reference generator is used along with either SM50 or SM90 STIPA meter for an accurate and reliable STI measurement. The BTB65 is used to produce the STIPA signals mimicking actual speaker and the SM50/SM90 sound meter is then used to analyse the signal received and calculate the STI- giving a measure of how much of the speech is understandable. If there is any electronic distortion, ambient noise, or influence of acoustics of the room, the STI will vary. It is used in large conference rooms, PA systems and room acoustics and is particularly important as these tests are carried out before the environment is used by public.

The SM50 or SM90 instrument with BTB65 Audio Talkbox provides speech intelligibility measurements using the STIPA method according to most national and international standards, including:

  • IEC- 60268-16
  • ISO-7240-19
  • NFPA72 Annex D
  • NEN2575
  • DIN-60849/DIN-VDE-0833-4
  • BS-5839-8

Kit Includes:

  • AC power supply (110V-240V)
  • International adapters
  • Ruggedized waterproof case 
  • Calibration certificate

Available as a Speech Intelligibility Kit ( containing the Talkbox and a SMxx sound meter), this STIPA signal generator can be used to effectively measure STIPA- wherein the SM50/SM90 sound meter measures and analyses the signals seamlessly enabling multiple point testing in a short time with highest level of accuracy. 

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BTB65 Talkbox STIPA Source Loudspeaker
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