RIS One and RIS Plus

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RIS One and RIS Plus

RIS ONE and RIS PLUS is the most compact and lightweight GPR available on the market. The single or multi-channel radar control unit allows increased acquisition speed through a high stacking factor as well as improved penetration depth. The system is supported by antennas operating in 25 MHz to 2.6 GHz frequency range. IDS control unit is able to power up multiple antennas connected in chain enabling custom solutions.

RIS ONE and RIS PLUS is the ideal solution for:

  • Underground tunnel inspection and condition assessment
  • Bedrock and lithological profiling
  • Fracture characterization
  • Ground water profiling
  • Foundation and pile measurements
  • Borehole investigations
  • Seismic profiling
  • Ice Snow thickness measurement

K2 FASTWAVE Software is the acquisition software designed to work with the control unit (single or multi-channel) and is included in the package. The system can be connected to GPS and is able to record the path in real time and mark anomalies: the data is stored in a dedicated folder and is easy to access in the future post processing phase. GRED 3D is an advanced post processing software for 3D and tomographic rendering of the acquired data.

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