Proteus CRP140 Robotic Crawler

Proteus CRP140 Robotic Crawler

Proteus Robotic Crawler Pipe Camera Inspection System are the industry benchmark pipe inspection robots for inspection of sewer, waste water & water pipe diameter ranging from of 4” (100mm) up to 88” (2200mm) with 250m, 350m & 500meter inspection capability options.

Proteus self propelled CCTV Pipe inspection robotic crawler model options include :
·         CRP 140: Mid sized crawler for inspecting sewer, water or other pipes of dia 140 mm ~ 1000mm
·         CRP 300: Large sized crawler for inspecting sewer, water or other pipes of dia 300 mm ~ 2200mm
·         CRP 90: Small sized crawler for inspecting sewer, water or other pipes of dia 90 mm ~ 225mm
·         LAT 150: Lateral pipe inspection crawler specially for inspection of mainline to lateral inspection, for cross bores, inflows and structural surveys.

Most of the Proteus robotic crawler models offered are based on 6WD with motorised elevators for getting widest view of the pipe through centralisation.

The primary applications of use of the Proteus robotic tractor crawlers are as Sewer pipe inspection crawler cameras, & as Gas pipeline inspection robot for CCTV pipe inspection. Protest Pipe crawler camera systems are also utilised for inspection of water pipes, and areas otherwise hazardous to humans.

Proteus Pipe inspection robots are used for
· Condition assessment of pipes
· Establish sections of pipe which require pipe rehabilitation or relining
· Pre acceptance : verification of quality of newly laid pipes
· Visual inspection of locations otherwise hazardous for humans

Systems are equipped with sensors to measure factors such as distance travelled (meterage), inclination & temperature inside pipes.

Proteus System provides a wide range of high quality cameras to choose from :

·  CAM028L: Pan, Rotate, Zoom & Laser
·  CAM 026L & CAM050 : Pan, Rotate, & Laser 
·  CAM 026 : Pan & Rotate
·  CAM 025 :  Self levelling Axial

Proteus Pan Rotate Cameras for robotic pipe crawlers offer 360 continuous rotation & 135 +/- pan, featuring high powered ultra-bright LED lighting provides optimum illumination, integrated DSP (digital signal processor) for color correction, image sharpening & white balance in real time. Integrated lasers for defect measurement, pipe diameter.

Pipe tractor crawler systems Options include complete Laser Profilers to capture 3D dimensioning of pipes, with object defect identification.

Proteus Robotic Crawler Camera Pipe Inspection are available in two configuration options. Van Mounted Robotic Crawler System & Portable Robotic Crawler System.

Accordingly, Proteus Control Units are available in two options : CCU208 Portable Control unit and the Van control unit VCU500. Both controllers feature twin integral joysticks for camera control & crawler system manoeuvrability, Embedded with Pipe Inspection & Asset Management software (WinCan) that generates on-site client oriented PDF reports, record videos & images, 3D graph of pipeline with defects, pipeline inclination graph. Data can be shared via email, Wi-Fi, or transfer to a USB/SD card directly from Control Unit. 

Proteus cable reels are available in
· Fully Automatic/Semi-Automatic Motorized & Manual reel options, Motorized reels are equipped with a 3 phase motor, powerful enough to feed or retract cable allowing for uninterrupted, tangle free pay-out and re-winding.
· Operator can remotely control Motorized reels using a provided Bluetooth controller, with dedicated keys on the Proteus control unit which also features an intuitive on-screen status display.
· Automatic reels feature forward and backward traction control and are primarily suggested for use as a fitment in the Van mounted robotic crawler system.
· The Manual Cable Reels are operated manually with a turning handle. Smooth payout and re-winding performance enhanced by the cable layering mechanism.

Inspection capabilities of the cable reels : 
Automatic motorized reel  : 350m / 500m
Semi automatic motorized reel : 250m / 350m
Manual reel : 250m / 350m.

The Proteus systems are customizable, which you build to meet your application  :

+ Choose robotic crawler model that meets your application or pipe diameter requirement
+ Add larger wheel (Increases crawler capabilities)
+ Add crawler cradles (tractor body extender) to maximise capability for large pipe inspection
+ Laser profiler
+ Lateral Pipe accessories
+ Auxiliary light heads (additional light pods) as the demands of your work changes

The CRP140 Robotic crawlers are further available in ATEX configuration, for use in pipelines or areas in Zone 1 and 2.

This makes Proteus by far the most expandable and adaptable camera system on the market today.

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Proteus CRP140 Robotic Crawler
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