Electrical Density Gauge

 Electrical Density Gauge Electricity Density Gauge
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Electrical Density Gauge

Electrical density gauge (also referred to as EDG) is utilized for measurement of field compaction of soil. EDG is nuclear-free alternative for determining the moisture and density of compacted soils used in road beds, foundations & construction sites. The instrument provides an output and graph based on soil model for the site of compaction%, moisture%, wet & dry density.

The advantages of using the Electrical Density Gauge are:

  • It does not require a highly-trained or licensed technician
  • It does not require special handling for shipping or the regulatory compliance for hazardous materials
  • It is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use with its step-by-step menu
  • It is lightweight and easily transportable
  • It is accurate and repeatable with results that mirror known testing methods

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Electrical Density Gauge
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