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Proceq Pundit Lab+ Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tester

The Proceq Pundit Lab is an ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) test instrument which is used to examine the quality of concrete. It features online data acquisition, waveform analysis and full remote control of all transmission parameters, along with the traditional transit.

The Proceq Pundit Lab+ offers additional features, such as the possibility to estimate compressive strength (also in combination with a rebound hammer value (SONREB method), a real time stamp for all measurements, a review list allowing readings to be checked on site without a computer and an integrated gain stage that makes an external amplifier redundant.

Time and pulse velocity measurement, the ultrasonic test equipment Pundit Lab offers path length measurement, perpendicular crack depth measurement and surface velocity measurement. Optimized pulse shaping gives greater transmission range at lower voltage levels. This, coupled with automated combination of the transmitter voltage and the receiver gain, ensures an optimum received signal level, guaranteeing accurate and stable measurements. An integrated waveform display allows manual triggering of the received waveform.

Product Specification
Common Features Pundit Lab Pundit Lab+
Transit time range 0.1-9999 µs 0.1-9999 µs
Resolution 0.1 µs 0.1 µs
Energising pulse 125 V, 250 V, 350 V, 500 V, AUTO 125 V, 250 V, 350 V, 500 V, AUTO
Tx frequency range 24-500 kHz 24-500 kHz
Transit time Yes Yes
Pulse velocity Yes Yes
Path length Yes Yes
Surface velocity Yes Yes
Crack depth Yes Yes
Memory > 500 readings > 500 readings
Power supply Mains/Battery(>20h)/USB Mains/Battery(>20h)/USB
IP Classification Ip42 Ip42
New Features Pundit Lab Pundit Lab
Integrated gain stage 1x, 10x, 100x 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x,100x, 200x , 500x, 1000x
Compressive strength - Yes
SONREB method (Ultrasonic plus rebound hammer for compressive strength) - Yes
Time stamp for measurements - Yes
Measurement review list on instrument - Yes

Instrument Firmware

  • Open interface
  • Integrated amplifier gain stage
  • Real time stamp

PC Software

  • Pundit Link unlocks the full Pundit
  • Lab+ capabilities


79 x 21 mm passive matrix OLED


> 500 measured values


USB connection to PC

Measurement Modes

  • Pulse velocity
  • Surface velocity
  • Data logging
  • E-modulus
  • Compressive strength correlation
  • Crack depth

Measuring Range

Up to 15 m depending on concrete quality


  • Available Proceq transducers: 54 kHz, 150 kHz, 250 kHz, 54 kHz Exponential, 500 kHz and 250 kHz Shear Wave
  • Connect third party transducers up to 500 kHz with BNC connector

Pundit Link Analysis Software

The windows based software Pundit Link, developed by Proceq SA unlocks the full capabilities of the Pundit Lab, providing the user with:

  • Waveform visualization and analysis turning your PC into an oscilloscope
  • Interactive adjustment of trigger point On-line data acquisition
  • Full remote control of the instrument including programmable data logging functionality
  • Export of data to third party applications
  • Pundit Lab+ only - creation of conversion curves for compressive strength (exponential, polynomial)
  • Pundit Lab+ only - creation of SONREB curves for combined (ultrasonic/rebound value) estimates of compressive strength
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Product Info Downloads

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