Lan Testers

Lan Testers

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LAN testers are essential devices for:

  • Testing connectivity from ethernet switch to port
  • Wire mapping of large ethernet networks in campus

LAN testers can be essentially as:

  • LAN cable chache
  • Cable verifier

LAN cable testers or LAN checker which allows technician to test connectivity of RJ45 data networks & RJ11 telephone networks in buildings & campuses. DataShark cable tester from Greenlee Tempo USA is an ideal device essentially required for testing LAN or telephone networks up to 500 meters.

Cable verifiers are higher end LAN testers for cable verification with wire mapping & TDR features for testing & maintaining large campus ethernet, telephone & video networks. Netcat Pro is an ideal device for such applications or service providers who serve or outsourced agencies for maintenance of corporate ethernet networks.

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