SIAT Series Industrial Thermal Cameras

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SIAT Series Industrial Thermal Cameras

The STANONE SIAT Series Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras are workhorses for customer requiring 24 x 7 High Performance Monitoring & Analysing data. With Electric Auto focus lens & its intelligent temperature measurement algorithm will adapt to more targets in a single frame which adds flexibility for installing the camera itself.

Primary purpose of quality control and assurance, process control and condition monitoring  : The SIAT Fixed thermal camera is ideal for detecting defects in the minutest spots in any manufacturing or industrial processes.

The SIAT Series Thermal detectors has dynamic alarm system, which will notify the operator via email when threshold of temperature set by the user is triggered, detailed information of the abnormality will be provided by the camera wherein video & images with data can be viewed for further investigation. Synchronize between MULTIPLE CAMERAS (Upto 32 Devices) for greater coverage, accessable on-site or remotely. 

Industrial thermal fixed cameras include high-resolution thermal imaging sensors, wide temperature ranges, real-time video streaming, and the ability to integrate with other network storage devices such as NVR, based on industry standard ONVIF platforms. Furthermore, SDK are available for further integration.

SIAT Series Fixed thermal camera is available in two variants :
SIAT30 :  384 x 288 thermal resolution  @ 25 Hz with Temp range of  -20C° ~ 550°C
SIAT60 :  640 x 512 thermal resolution  @ 25 Hz with Temp range of  -20C° ~ 550°C

SIAT Series comes with lens options for different depth & range to display rich details at distances up to 20 meters.

Fixed Thermal camera will monitor highest, lowest & average temperature of the entire frame/region monitored with separate alarm output actions which makes it Capable to protect assets, improve safety, maximize uptime, and minimize maintenance costs.

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SIAT Series Industrial Thermal Cameras
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