BML-209 Pen Type Visual Fault Locator

BML-209 Pen Type Visual Fault Locator

BML-209 is a portable pen type visual fault locator, rugged and waterproof for locating breaks in optical fiber. BML-209 VFL is available in pulsed and continuous wave operation mode. This waterproof visual fault locator emits a bright visible red laser at 650nm and is compatible with 2.5mm universal connector.

Optical fiber breaks, faulty connectors and other possible faults will leak the visible light allowing the technician/operator to identify the fault location and fix the problem quickly.

There are three models to chose from- BML209-1, BML209-10 and BML209-20 for output power 1,10 or 20 mW respectively.

  • Locate fiber breaks & sharp bends
  • Conduct end to end fiber continuity test

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BML-209 Pen Type Visual Fault Locator
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