Solgeo AMS Mems Accelerometer

Solgeo AMS Mems Accelerometer Solgeo Accelerometer Mems Accelerometer Solgeo Mems Accelerometer
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Solgeo AMS Mems Accelerometer

AMS 3C are high sensitivity Micro Machined MEMS accelerometers for use in Strong motion Seismic and low level, low frequency motion studies to continuously measure the ground acceleration.

The sensors have in-built factory-set calibration and corrections. And no signal conditioning is required in most applications.

The sensors utilize low noise MEMS dispositive to make possible measurements in the low frequency micro G range.

When used with a DYMAS seismic recorder
, the AMS-3C MEMS Accelerometer is ideal for utilization in monitoring and recording of ground acceleration near a site when used with the DYMAS multi channel recorders – And based on the digital I/O trigger alarms - send SMS or email, or even interface with relay based in the event of significant ground motion close to the site in installations such as atomic power centers. The AMS-3C is also ideal for utilization in installations such as Metro rail structures for earthquake warning systems.

The AMS-3C Accelerometer are IP67 rated 100% water proof with an operating temperature rating of – 40 to + 80deg C and ideal for Outdoor use.

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Solgeo AMS Mems Accelerometer
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