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Proceq PL200

Proceq PL200 is best in class on site Ultrasonic Testing instrument for accessing the concrete uniformity via Line and area scans with measurement range up to 15m (depending on concrete) to ensure accurate path length measurement, perpendicular crack depth measurement and surface velocity measurement.

Proceq PL200's superior feature of on- board storage and upgradation to use with single shear wave transmitter or expandable with Pundit Pulse echo transmitter makes it a benchmark for ultrasonic pulse velocity testing.

Applications Overview:

Pundit PL-200

Pundit PL-200PE

Through Transmission: Access from two sides

Single Side Access

Assessment of concrete quality

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity


Compressive strength and SONREB

Slab thickness from a single side

Determination of crack depth

Detection and localization of voids, pipes, cracks (parallel to surface), and honey combing

Modulus of elasticity

Scan Modes

Line Scans
Data Logging
Area Scan

Area Scan

Pulse Velocity :
Calculates the pulse velocity of the material under test. 
Compressive Strength: Determines the compressive strength using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity correlation, or by using SONREB.
Surface Velocity : 
Determines surface velocity according to BS 1881.
Transmission Time :
Measures the transmission time.
Distance :
Calculates the distance between the transducers.
Standards and Norms :
EN12504-4 (Europe), ASTM C 597- 02 (North America), BS 1881 Part 203 (UK), 1S01920-7:2004 (International), 1513311 (India), CECS21 (China).

PL200-PE Measuring Modes :


·   A-Scan allows direct analysis of the raw signal.

·   Digital Filters for better echo visibility and noise suppression.

·   Automatic readout of slab thickness (Echo Tracker).





·    A cross-sectional view perpendicular to the scanning surface is provided. It facilitates the search of pipes, cracks, voids etc.

·    State-of-the-art image processing for improved image quality.

·   Cursor placement allows a direct readout of the slab thickness and the location of hidden objects or defects.


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Proceq PL200
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