Thermal Imaging Camera

Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

Stanlay offers thermal imaging cameras from basics to advanced models for maintenance of electrical installations, HVAC, automotive, R&D, PCB Inspection & NDT  

Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

Fixed 24x7 Monitoring Thermal Imaging Camera

STANONE High performance cameras allows uninterrupted temperature monitoring, temperature range available from 0.04°C ~ 1500°C, Real time data analysis on site or access remotely.  

Fixed 24x7 Monitoring Thermal Imaging Camera

The STANONE Range of thermal imaging cameras, also known as a thermographic or infrared camera, are devices that captures and displays thermal images, which are essentially visual representations of the amount of infrared radiation emitted, reflected, or transmitted by an object.

This information can be used to produce a temperature heat map that can be used to identify areas of heat loss, monitor the functioning of electrical equipment, detect structural issues in buildings, and perform R&D, Automotive inspection, monitoring of manufacturing processes , inspection of assets in  electrical power generation and distribution, petrochemical refining machinery such as rotary kilns.

Other applications include Fire prevention, warehouse monitoring, and security perimeter intrusion monitoring.

Broadly, the goal of using a thermal imaging cameras is of real-time monitoring of temperature changes, accurately detect and measure temperature differences in a range of objects, from small components to large structures.

Thermal detectors are available in three versions, namely Handheld thermal imaging cameras also referred to as thermal scanners, Fixed thermal imaging cameras with the primary goal of 24x7 monitoring industrial processes or electrical installations and Bullet type CCTV Thermal Cameras for monitoring warehouses, factory areas or sensitive locations for fire prevention or perimeter intrusion.

The image displayed on screen can be saved for later analysis. Further processing of images into data for reporting is possible.

Why thermal Imaging cameras?

Thought simply, temperature is the first indication of a problem. Whether a machine with higher then designed friction, a PCB with components that may be malfunctioning, electrical connections in an LT Panel that may be loose – checking the temperature is the first diagnostic indication of a problem, which otherwise is not visible to the naked eye. Using a thermal imaging camera provides a view of the temperatures, hot areas, cold areas in a given space , providing an indication of the problem areas or specific prolem point.

By detecting temperature anomalies and potential problems early on, industrial thermal cameras or handheld thermal imaging cameras can help prevent equipment failure, reduce downtime, and increase overall efficiency and safety.

Thermal imaging cameras also find application in search and rescue operations and fire department personnel to locate people or animals in low-light or dark conditions.

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