Megger Cable Fault Test Vans

Megger Cable Fault Test Vans

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Megger cable test vans solutions to the challenges of cable fault location identification and diagnostics no matter the environment. Megger Test vans are designed to be adaptable to the end users needs so the cable tests may be carried out in question, irrespective of whether it is low, medium or high voltage.
Testing capabilities:
Megger cable test van can perform on-site condition assessments with automated test circuit arrangement and switching process. Megger Cable Tester vehicle is equipped with a number of instruments for both routine electric tests and advanced diagnostics, including HV test leads for insulation assessment, LV test leads for winding resistance and turns ratio, external safety box, HV cable, protective earthing cable, mains drum and fuse box, and switch box.

Advantage Of Megger Cable Test Equipment:

  • Megger transformer test van can help reduce testing time because it offers instantaneous readiness for testing and quick results.
  • It also offers safe operation with user guidance through the tests and safety system that monitors all safety-relevant parameters such as fast ramp voltages

Megger Cable Test Equipment / Megger Cable Test Vans System is good care and life management of cables solutions in the following categories.

Megger Centrix 1+3 Test Van System: one of the most advanced power cable fault and test diagnostics vans developed based on the experiences and feedback from experienced users. Centrix fault location system consists of a large monitor and a free positionable control panel, the control unit.

Megger R 30 Test Van System : Megger SebaKMT System R-30 is the largest Most Powerful SebaKMT Cable Test Van System within the seba KMT product range.  All functions and voltage ranges are fully integrated and three phased. Recently extended and improved, this already powerful system's capabilities are increased. DC test voltage levels, including the well known Decay travelling wave prelocation methods are available up to 110 kV in the standard version (400 kV optional), thus keeping and extending the world-wide standards set by system R 30. 

Variant Cable Test Vans: The Variant is a modular three or single phased system for testing and fault location on power cables in low and medium voltage networks. The variant offers a maximum variability in the equipment options and features of a cable test and fault location system.

Megger System Classic Single or Three Phased Cable Test Van: The safety system meets highest expectations, monitoring the HV-compartment doors, emergency-off buttons as well as monitoring of earth loop resistance, touch voltage and dangerous voltage rise rates.

Megger NSF E- Combi System: The NSF E system control panel provides the possibility to combine up to four existing or new units into one single phased system and to manage their operation via a central control while providing the maximum of operational comfort and highest safety.

Megger Compact City Cable Fault Test Van:  is a complete test- and fault location system suitable also for the installation into very small vehicles to allow entry or parking in typical city streets. It consist of the SPG 40, a mobile, multi-functual system for testing, prelocation, pinpointing and burning of cable faults in low and medium voltage networks.

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