Laser Surface Profilometer

Laser Surface Profilometer

The Laser Surface Profilometer is a vehicle based 3D laser sensor based system for the transportation industry for measuring a surface profile, in order to quantify its roughness. The system is based on & meets all International standards. The  system is currently used in the transportation industry for such application as inspection of highway and runway profiling for rut depth, macro texture, used to calculate ride comfort, bump Integration and surface friction and surface noise generation.

Used during the construction phases to ensure standard quality levels and during the lifetime of the pavement to determine maintenance levels for repair and remedial action. Thus resulting in improved highway conditions and ultimately reducing accidents due to poor surface conditions.

Each subsystem is independent with independent data collection and Ethernet-based communication, the user can define the name of each individual module address. Connection of each module is achieved through the Industrial 5 port Ethernet switch connected to the data acquisition computer. The data acquisition software is fully configurable and can be accessed by the user for total flexibility.

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Pavetesting Laser Surface Profilometer

PaveProf Laser Surface Profilometry system for continuous measurement of longitudinal and transverse profile, IRI, Rut of highways and runways.

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