Security Thermal Imaging Camera

Security Thermal Imaging Camera

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The STANONE Fixed Bullet CCTV Thermal Imaging Cameras also known as Thermal Security Cameras, Video surveillance system are specialised for security applications, Bullet thermal camera series allows Perimeter intrusion system, fire prevention & monitoring warehousing of inflammable & hazardous materials.

STANONE Perimeter Security Cameras will detect the heat signatures of people, animals, and vehicles, allowing them to see through smoke, fog or complete darkness, and other obstructions that might otherwise hide them.
Key applications :
Smart Virtual Tripwire Intrusion Detection System & Alarm System : An operator admin can set the lines, circle or polygon shape which ever serve the function of a smart virtual tripwire. The video content (VCA) is analysed by the bullet CCTV camera which if intruded will be recognized as a human or vehicle, & send an alarm via email. In addition, a hooter or flashing light can be attached as an external alarm.

Dual Spectrum Lens : enables the camera to capture both thermal and visible light images simultaneously for enhanced monitoring of any application.

Dynamic Detection Interface : upto 4 sections can be set for Fire Detection System in an area, which can be manually set with different temperature ranges, the area color, area name, temperature threshold & alarm rules can be set separately for each area including timing for monitoring.

When selecting a thermal imaging camera for surveillance, it is important to consider factors such as the camera's resolution, range, field of view, and thermal sensitivity. The type of camera you choose will also depend on the specific surveillance requirements of your application.

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