SM30 Sound Pressure Level Meter

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SM30 Sound Pressure Level Meter

The SM30 Sound Meter from Bedrock is an advanced sound measurement instrument that is easy to use, reliable and accurate. Equipped with a Class 2 BAMT microphone, 3.2” full-colour resistive LCD touch screen, high speed USB2.0 output interface and tripod mount facility, SM30 is a sound measuring instrumentSM30 is enabled with several features (but not limited to) like:

  • Sound Level Meter Class 2 (SLM) 
  • (RTA)


  • (FFT) Analyzer


    • (Reverberation Time)




    • Noise Curve analysis



    • (THD+N)






    SM30 is a precision logging sound level meter that is used to measure room acoustics, spectral properties of sound, long term logging and analysing of sound as well as AC Volt meter for audio line level measurements.

    SM30 can be used in routine testing of:

    • Noise level measurement in environmental science
    • Noise pollution
    • Automotive design noise measurement
    • R&D
    • Building acoustics
    • Sound insulation
    • Acoustic equipment testing and audio professionals

    IEC-60268-16 rev. 4 & rev. 5

  • IEC-61260 Class 0
  • ASTM E336 / ASTM E413 ISO-3382-2
  • ANSI S12.2 / ISO-1996 AES17

measure noise level   

Kit Contains:

  • International charger adaptor
  • Windscreen
  • User manual
  • Ruggedized Case

Optional BAC2 Calibrator is available to verify and calibrate the SM30. Provided with individual calibration certificate.

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SM30 Sound Pressure Level Meter
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