Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester

Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester
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Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester

The Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester family of automated pull-off testers covers the complete range of pull-off applications with unmatched ease of operation and a unique capability to store a complete record of the test. Pull off testing fulfils many applications in the construction industry such as testing bond strength of repair materials, test the adhesive strength of mortars & tiles, and tensile strength of concrete substrates.

The pull-off tester consists of a loading unit, a dolly or pull stub, and a measuring unit. The loading unit applies a controlled force to detach the dolly from the substrate, while the measuring unit records the force applied during the test.

Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester, with its integrated feedback controlled motor, provides a regulated load rate as specified by all standards, thereby providing a fully automated test for the most repeatable results. This precision instrument is lightweight for easy operation, even on walls and overhead.

The DY-2 Pull-Off Tester is available in three versions with different maximum pulling forces. DY-206 for low strength applications upto 6 kN for adhesive strength of mortars & tiles.DY-216 mid-range instrument for pulling force upto 16 Kn sufficient for most common pull off testing applications.DY-225 high strength applications upto 25 kN such as testing of fiber reinforced polymers & bonding of repair and overlay materials.

DY-2 Pull-Off Tester provides documentary proof that the test was actually carried out with the specified load rate. The load rate curve is saved along with the test results and may be downloaded to a PC for reporting.

Overall, The Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester family offers a reliable and automated solution for pull-off testing, ensuring precision, ease of use, and comprehensive record-keeping for various applications.

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Proceq DY-2 Pull-Off Tester
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