Electronic Markers and Locators

Electronic Markers and Locators

Electronic Marker Locators In India

Electronic marker system makes the job of permanently marking and unique identification and locating of your underground utility assets easier. With no batteries required to power up, Passive Electronic markers featured have a minimum lifetime of 50 Years and if buried with utility assets at time of installation will ensure that utilities buried in ground such as Telecom cables or Manholes, Gas Pipes, Water Pipes or valves,Connection points or other important buried services remain traceable for decades. Choose between Passive electronic markers and RFID electronic markers.   

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Markermate Locator

Marker-Mate is designed to locate buried electronic markers, including the patented Tempo Omni Marker, and Uni Marker.

Omni Marker Electronic Ball Marker

Omnimarker electronically marks buried facilities. Unique design produces a uniform, spherical RF field in every direction; Easily located up to 5 ft away.

Smart RFID Electronic Cable Marker & Marker Locator

RFID electronic markers for permanent marking of utilities being installed.

Markers 2500

Markers 2500 for permanent marking of selected points under the surface

8890 Marker Locator

The 8890 six frequency passive utility marker locator for locating all the six major utilities� power, water, sewer, gas, telco, and CATV � with one easy to operate...

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