Evolution Cross laser 8PRX Automatically leveled 8 Beam Laser

Evolution Cross laser 8PRX Automatically leveled 8 Beam Laser EVOLUTION CROSS LASER 8PRX AUTOMATICALLY LEVELED 8 BEAM LASER 360 Laser Level
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Evolution Cross laser 8PRX Automatically leveled 8 Beam Laser

The 8PRX Evolution Crossliner laser is the most advanced laser level in its class and is ideal for engineers & project teams of both building construction & precision engineering sectors.The instrument incorporates 4 Horizontal and 4 Vertical lasers for level & plumb, layout and positioning applications and with the   highest level  accuracy of 1mm.

The 8PRX Crossline laser is based on servo controlled  electronic  positioning motors that continuously level the lasers.  Horizontal lasers (two lasers at a time) can be operated independently  or all 4  Horizontal lasers can be operated simultaneously to achieve a homogenous horizontal (leveled) laser beam to allow construction &   engineering construction activities to be carried out with high   precision without the need to continuously rotate the laser for   positioning. In addition, the Vertical lasers (two lasers at a time) can   be also independently operated or all 4 vertical beams can be operated   simultaneously. Or All 4 Horizontal lasers and 4 Vertical lasers can  be  operated simultaneously.

The instruments incorporate a number of features which enhance   efficiency including a pivoted housing with it's own tripod feet that   allows the instrument to be used by placing directly on the ground. Or   the instrument can be mounted on a standard 5/8'' x 11 survey grade tripod.

Other important features include an Antishake function  allowing the  instrument to be used on vibrating surface typical of  construction  sites, factory floors etc - the electronic positioning motors automatically correct the error to level the instrument. In addition, the instrument is designed with a vernier  adjustment  mechanism with a 360 degree graduated marking to allow very  precise  positioning.

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