About Asian Contec Ltd:

 Asian Contec Ltd under Its brand name Stanlay is a manufacturing and distribution company in the field of engineering, construction and testing product solutions for the infrastructure, telecom, utility, heavy engineering and engineering educational institutional segments with a customers base spanning India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

Stanlay supplies some of the most robust equipment’s and instrumentation products allowing use by operators at all levels and in any site conditions - which are built to last ; Stanlay works closely with its premier customer group to provide solutions which direct address project specific application requirements. 

Some of the application segments covered by Stanlay are:

  • Underground Utility locating, detecting and mapping equipment suite :
    • Pipe & Cable Locators
    • Cable Avoidance Tools
    • Ground penetrating radars (GPR)
  • Geophysical investigation  suite including Ground penetrating radars for :
    • Geophysical investigation for soil strata, seismic investigation and profiling
    • Concrete scanning for concrete analysis, rebar locating & mapping
    • Concrete bridge scanning & investigation
    • Road & Runway Pavement layer analysis
    • Archeological survey
  • Cable Installation Solutions :
    • Optic fiber cable blowing machines
  • Non Destructive testing :
    • Digital concrete test hammer for evaluation of compressive strength of concrete.
    • Original Schmidt mechanical concrete test hammer
    • Rebar Locators
    • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tester for concrete quality inspection
    • Concrete corrosion testing
  • Road, Runway & Highway testing Solutions :
    • Light weight deflectometer for testing compaction quality of soil & soil bearing capacity
    • Heavy weight deflectometer for pavement rehabilitation strategy
    • Continuous friction tester
    • Laser Surface profilometer for testing of IRI, RUT and other pavement parameters
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Greenlee 930XC OTDR is used to perform new fiber optics links & detect problems with existing fiber links

CS880 Manhole Cover Locator

Cscope CS880 manhole metal cover locator detects lost or hidden metal objects in the ground such as manhole covers and stopcock covers buried under road tarmac and grass

Electricity Density Gauge

Electricity Density Gauga is nuclear-free alternative for determining the moisture and density of compacted soils used in road beds, foundations & construction sites.

Ferrous Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Digital coating thickness gauge that measures non-magnetic coatings over ferrous substrates

Proceq GPR Live

Most Innovative Ultra Wideband Portable GPR with line scan & area scan for structural imaging of rebar in the range of 0.9 to 3.5 GHz covered with a...

MXL4 Pipe & Cable Locator

High performance multi-frequency Precision Pipe & Cable Locator with In-built Data Logging, Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS tracking for cable avoidance & route tracing of buried metallic pipe cable utilities with...

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