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Telecom Cable TDR CS90

CS90, the latest tablet style TDR in the long line of TDR's from Tempo communications, USA is the most accurate TDR on the market in the product category.

Cable Scout® 90 (CS90) offers a balanced mix of automation and manual testing that enables technicians to do their jobs right the first time. Quickly identifying faults accurately is essential for the busy cable technician.
The CS90 delivers the latest TDR technology in a small, lightweight and rugged design to provide unrivaled ease-of-use and accurate distance to faults on cables. With the CS90, technicians will spend less time operating the TDR and more time repairing faults. Simply select the cable type to be tested and the CS90 does the rest. Pulse width, VP, gain, and vertical position are automatically selected and adjusted as you scan the cable.
Finding the fault could not be faster, just move the cursor to the fault and use the one-button zoom function to pinpoint it's location.
The CS90 employs optimized pulsing and sampling, coupled with advanced filtering and signalprocessing techniques. You always have the cleanest possible waveform
for the easiest event identification.
Optionally, add the FastFind automatic fault locator software to quickly jump to the largest fault on the cable and document with ease in real-time. Built in 8 GB Memory ensures that you can save 62500 TDR traces


Product Specification




Test signal,  type

1/2 sine wave

Width (ns)

1, 5, 25


75 Ohm


>4V peak


Safety protection

+/- 400VDC


1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32














Horizontal resolution

204 fps (0.075m)

Dead zone (m)


Accuracy (ps)

±0.01%, ± 300


Fully adjustable from 0.250 to 1.000,

Vp factor (%)


Gain (dB)

0 to 90

Intermittent fault location        


Maximum distance (Kf)


Display types

Color display, sunlight viewable

Display resolution

800 X 480

Display size

7-inch tablet-style TDR

Backlight brightness (nits)


Testing type

Manual & auto

Test result storage

62500 traces (SD card-8GB)

Setting storage

29 cables preloaded (space for up to 75 cables in total)

External communication


Battery type

Rechargeable li-Ion battery

Battery capacity

30 Wh; sufficient for >8 hr use with typical backlight

Battery life

Battery management system optimizes charging and lifetime




Size (mm)

262 x 162 x 55

Weight (kg)


Operating/Storage temperature (°C)

0 to 50 °C / -20 to 70


CE certified

  • Splash, dust, and shock-resistant casing
  • Large, color, hi-res backlit display (readable outdoors in bright conditions)
  • Zero dead zone
  • 1, 5 and 25 ns pulse widths
  • Ideal for testing insulation
  • Intermittent fault location
  • Context-sensitive Help (help screens available for all functions)
  • Narrow pulse width enables near- end fault id
  • Rechargeable lithium Ion battery for 8+ hrs. of use
  • Span view window shows entire cable & navigation
  • Pre-loaded cable settings: 29 cables preloaded (+ custom, upto 75 cables in total) 
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