CTRAK Traceable Duct Rodder

CTRAK Traceable Duct Rodder

CTRAK Pipetraker Traceable Maxi Duct Rodder is an ideal accessory for utilization with pipe & cable locators, to EXTEND the capability of the locating equipment’s to identify location & route of buried nonmetallic ducts or telecom pipes. 

The PipeTraker Traceable Maxi Duct rodder is based on a sturdy composite fiberglass rod of 9mm dia with a built in 1mm copper wire that is rigid yet flexible enough to guide into nonmetallic HDPE ducts, plastic pipes and metal pipes up to lengths of 300 meters / 1000 feet. 

The CTRAK traceable duct rodder is provided in a galvanized metal tube frame with an integral brake and wheels. The base of the traceable rod contains a terminal that provides a connection to the inbuilt copper tracer wire of the duct rodder. The traceable rodder when energized with a frequency excites the full length of the rodder to enable trace the buried pipe.

Use any Digital Pipe & cable locating receiver to trace the route of the Pipe. Available in two length options: 200m/650feet and 300m/1000feet.

See the CTRAK Product video for an animated description of how to use the CTRAK traceable rodder to trace nonmetallic pipes.

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CTRAK Traceable Duct Rodder
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