Insulation & Earth testers

Insulation & Earth testers

Insulation and Earth resistance testers featured by Stanlay are available in two options : ground earth testers with 3 wire system and a stakeless clamp on earth resistance tester which allows the operator to directly take earth resistance measurements directly on the pole or any installation scenario which does not allow use of stakes or where fast measurements are required.

The insulation testers featured are available in options of 1KV,  5KV an 10 KV mega ohmmeters for insulation testing of cables, motors & other power equipment &/or installation.

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Clamp On Earth Resistance Tester ST-CERT

New generation Clamp on Earth resistance tester, based on loop resistance principle.

Clamp On Earth Resistance Tester ST-CERT PLUS

New generation Stakeless Clamp on Earth Resistance tester, based on loop resistance principle. Plus Model Measures both earth resistance and earth leakage current.

Digital Earth Ground Resistance Tester

3 wire Earth Ground Tester measures earth resistance in 3 ranges from 0 to 2, 20 and 2000 ohms with data logging facility.

LV Insulation Testers 501

Professional Low voltage digital insulation Tester (Mega ohm meter) for insulation resistance measurements of electrical and cable installations.

HV Insulation Testers 513

Insulation of cable ages. As it ages, its insulating performance deteriorates. Any harsh installation environments, especially those with extreme temperatures and/or chemicals accelerates this process. This deterioration can...

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