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Proceq PL250

Proceq PL250 array is an ultrasonic imaging scanner utilized for location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer measuring thickness of concrete elements & tunnel linings. Based on Phased array ultrasonic pulse echo technology, the instrument offers ultrasonic tomography for conducting real time B scans and panorama scan capability for determining location of voids, honeycombing, delamination etc. Proceq PL250 array is supplied with shear wave horizontal polarized 8 channel transducer upgradable to 16 channels.


  • Quality assessment
  • Thickness measurement from a single side
  • Location of delamination’s, voids and honeycombing
  • Location of hollow pipes
  • Location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer
  • Assessment of fiber-reinforced concrete

Additional Applications:

  • Ultrasonic concrete thickness measurement
  • Honeycomb detection


Product Specification



Functions of Equipment

Designed to be used on-site in harsh environments

High resolution screen for allowing best possible analysis of the measured waveforms.

8 GB Flash memory.

Dual core processor for supporting diverse communication and peripheral interfaces

Consist of 8 channel array type antennas upgradeable up to 24 Nos of transducers.

low frequency transverse (shear), wave transducers, Wave Type, Dry point type (no couplant required)

Able to perform the thickness measurement in thick concrete elements and bridges.

Capable for Determination of Voids, honeycombing and depth and extent of delamination’s

Real-time B-scan visualization

Panorama mode for extended scans over several meters

Zoom and scroll function for precise A-Scan inspection

Settings directly accessible on measuring screen of the equipment

Dual cursor for manual A-Scan evaluation

Transducer array has Display for status information and immediate feedback

Transducer array contains Buttons to control main scanning functions


Specification of Array Transducer


0 to 80 dB

Analog Bandwidth

15 to 100 kHz

Nominal Transducer Frequency

50kHz shear wave

Measuring Range

Ca. 1m depending upon the concrete quality

Range Resolution

0 to 1000 µs/1µs

Pulse Shape

Square wave

Pulse Delay

8 to 200ms

 Number of Channels

8 (with upgrade option to 16)

Battery Lifetime

>7 hours


240 x 273 x 153mm




Specification of Control Unit


Touchscreen Display 7” color 800 x 480 pixels


Internal 8 GB flash memory


Regional setting Metric and imperial units and Multilanguage and time zone supported


Input 12V +/-25 % 1.5A


3.6V, 14Ah

Battery Lifetime

>8 h (in standard operating mode)


<95% RH, non -condensing

Operating Temperature

-10 to + 50 0C

IP Rating



250 x 162 x 62mm


~1.65 Kg (including Battery)



Instrument Firmware:

  • Raw data export
  • Settings directly accessible on measuring screen

PC Software: PL-Link for analysis and export of data to third party applications

Display: 7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with dual core processor

Memory: Internal 8 GB flash memory

Connections: USB host / device and Ethernet

Measurement Modes:

  • Real time B-Scan
  • Panorama B-Scan

Measuring Range: Ca. 1m depending on concrete quality

Transducers: Dry-contact Pundit Array transducer with auxiliary LCD display and control buttons on handles

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Product Info Downloads

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