Proceq PL250

Proceq PL250 Proceq PL250 Transducer Pl250 Proceq 250 array Proceq 250 array
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Proceq PL250

Proceq PL250 array is an ultrasonic imaging scanner utilized for location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer measuring thickness of concrete elements & tunnel linings. Based on Phased array ultrasonic pulse echo technology, the instrument offers ultrasonic tomography for conducting real time B scans and panorama scan capability for determining location of voids, honeycombing, delamination etc. Proceq PL250 array is supplied with shear wave horizontal polarized 8 channel transducer upgradable to 16 channels.


  • Quality assessment
  • Thickness measurement from a single side
  • Location of delamination’s, voids and honeycombing
  • Location of hollow pipes
  • Location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer
  • Assessment of fiber-reinforced concrete

Additional Applications:

  • Ultrasonic concrete thickness measurement
  • Honeycomb detection

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Proceq PL250
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