Zehntner ZRS 6060

Zehntner ZRS 6060 Zehntner ZRS 6060 Zehntner ZRS 6060 Zehntner ZRS 6060
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Zehntner ZRS 6060

Zehntner ZRS6060  is the new generation of ergonomic Road Sign Retroreflectometer for determination of night visibility (coefficient of retroreflection RA and R') of traffic signs, safety garments and other reflective materials with measurement of three different observation angles at the same time.

The use of road sign retroreflectomers is necessary for ensuring road safety. 

The ZRS6060 is the very first portable road sign retroreflectometer with LED illumination system and with a 3.5” high-resolution color touchscreen with adjustable display inclination for excellent visibility under all light conditions also in bright sunlight.

Comes with Internal flash memory of 1 GB, the handheld retroreflectometer allows storage of 1‘000‘000 measurements without pictures.

ZRS6060 Traffic sign retroreflectometer also provides various Innovative options to customize the reflectometer to personal requirements: integrated 5-megapixel camera, WAAS GPS-unit, holster and handles and many more.

The portable retroreflectometer , if configured with the options offers measurements with precise geolocation and high-resolution images. The user-friendly software makes comprehensive reports quickly and with ease.

Optional handles include a 1.6 to 3 meter extendable handle including fork And an option for a longer 2.2meter to 4.0 meter extendable handle including fork, to allow use the retro reflectometer where road signs are not accessible. 

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Zehntner ZRS 6060
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