INCLIS 30 DH Borehole Deviation Probes

INCLIS 30 DH Borehole Deviation Probes INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes  INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes  INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes  INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes  INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes  INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes  INCLIS DH Borehole Deviation Probes
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INCLIS 30 DH Borehole Deviation Probes

The new generation Inclis DH-30 Borehole Deviation Probe, designed and manufactured by Solgeo, allows to realize a 3D Inclinometric survey of holes (e.g. perforations) having any direction and inclination in space. The probe is internally equipped with 3 magnetometric and 3 accelerometer sensors .

The accelerometer realizes the reading of the inclination angle and of the rotation relative to the gravitational field measured, while the magnetometer realizes the reading of the azimuth angle relative to the Earth's magnetic field measured.

The 3D Inclinometer probe is connected to the control unit on the surface through power cable and data transmission, with a standard length of 60 m and optional up to 200 m.

In case of iron casing boreholes , the system should be utilised with aluminium rods that drive the probe inside the borehole.  The INCLIS DH bolehole inclinometer can be connected to a PC through the USB which provides the dual function of power supply and data transfer. Sonclino software offered allows immediate visualization of results in both graphical and numeric form.

In addition, a wireless cable drum can be optionally opted for wherein the data can be observed on a wireless tablet PC.


The Inclis DH Borehole Inclination Tester can be used in holes with metal casing or not, with any inclination and direction in space and minimum internal diameter of 45 mm

  • Inclination : 360 °
  • Orientation : 360 °
  • Hole diameter : from 40 mm to 140 mm with fixed or adjustable cantering
  • Hole type: uncoated, coated with nonmagnetic pipe, metal coated.
  • Hole depth: with standard cable 60m, up to 500 m with optional cables

The measurement execution is made with the free probe lowered into the hole, without the use of oriented rods.
For sub-horizontal or upwards inclined holes, it is necessary the use of the support rods and a set of rods in pvc expandable by threading, in order to push the probe into the hole.

Generally product supply includes : 

  • N. 1 Inclinometer probe ( sensor form)
  • N. 1 Extension 60 cm
  • N. 1 Cable drum of 60 m
  • N. 1 Connection cable with unit roll
  • N. 1 Box interface with PC
  • N. 1 USB A-B cable
  • N. 2 Fixed Centering in Teflon
  • N. 1 SolClino Software License

 Optional items to be considered :

  • Variable centering device ranging from 45 to 140 mm . Suggested as Mandatory.
  • In case of metal (iron/steel) cased boreholes, it is important to select option of aluminum rods (provided in 2m segmented lengths) . Number of rods to be opted for is based on depth of borehole.
  • Furthermore, options are available of oriented and non-oriented aluminum rods.
  • Support guide rods
  • Set of PVC Rods (not oriented)
  • Tripod arrangement for lowering the borehole probe 


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