P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester

P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester

The P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester is a Wireless Foundation Pile Dynamic tester using the low strain reflected wave method for testing integrity of Concrete Pile and identify the extent and location of pile defect. The utilisation of the instrument provides the ability to assess possible presence of cracks, discontinuities and voids prior to construction in pre cast concrete piles or cast in place concrete foundations or wood foundations – allowing testing of any number of piles quickly and cost effectively on a project site. The P8000 Pile Tester can also be utilised to test the pile integral in an existing structure such as existing bridge or towers etc.

The utilisation of the P8000 Pile integrity tester is pertinent for testing of building foundation piles, Dynamic Pile tests in highway engineering and for non destructive testing of railway piles.

Utilisation of the instrument is simple and the touchscreen PDA provided with pre loaded software accepts data from a wireles accelerometer. A hammer is provided for excitation. The instrument meets most requirements of project testing, is easy to learn and can be mastered in a few minutes. The instrument itself is very compact , easy to carry and is based on lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

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P8000 Wireless Pile Integrity Tester
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