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SFX 32 Portable Cable Test & Fault Location System

The Surgeflex 32 is a mobile system for testing and fault locating on low and medium voltage cables. The test and surge voltage of up to 32 kV makes the SPG 32 suitable for all low voltage and medium voltage cable networks. The KLV® (Short time Arc Reflection Method) is used for prelocation of high resistance faults up to 32 kV. The burning of faults is possible in all voltage levels by short-term burning.

The Teleflex SX is operated by the new touchscreen and the well proven control knob functionality. The interface is shown on a sharp and very bright 10.4” display. The Teleflex SX is specially adapted to the fast events during fault location in power cables. The easy GO operation is reduced to the important and essential steps and runs mostly fully automatically. The new hardware with improved parameters such as sampling frequency, pulse width and impulse amplitude guarantees larger ranges and highest resolution. 1750 joules of surge energy (Optional 3500 joules) provide the necessary power for accurately pinpointing cable faults with the acoustic method.

The portable Surgeflex 32 is mounted on a trolley with large wheels which makes the unit suitable for easy field operation. The system can also be fixed installed into a vehicle.

Product Specification


Reflectometer T3060
TDR TDR 20 m… 160 km 20… 8 km @ v/2 = 80 m/µs
Transienten 20 m…160 km 20 m…64 km
Pulse width 20 ns…5 µs
Sampling rate up to 400 MHz up to 100 MHz
Display Touchscreen  5.7 high contrast TFT colour display
V/2 10… 149.9 m/µs
Modes Symmetricalunsymmetricalreflection measurement
Difference measurement/comparision
All ARM arc Reflection Methods, ARM Slide, Pro Range,
All ICE impulse current decoupling methods
DECAY Travelling wave method
IFL intermittent Fault Location
Arc reflection burning.
Memory 4 GB 1 GB
interface Ethernet, USB, BNC, CAN (LON optional)
Impedance matching 8 Ω… 500Ω, adjustable 8 Ω… 64Ω, adjustable
Operating temperature -10ËšC…+ 50ËšC'
Supply NiMh-BATTERY, 110-230
 v; 50/60 Hz, 12 V DC
lifePo4 (12 V/ 3 Ah)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 362 x 195 x 306 mm 270 x 24 x 125 mm
Weight 6 kg
This Teleflex SX also available with T3060 single phased power reflectometer, kindly turn to page no 54 for technical specification.
HV Module SFX 32  
Testing 0…32 kV DC
Surge 0… 16 kV; 1750 J ( 3500 J Optional)
0… 32 kV; 1750 J ( 3500 J Optional)
0…4 kV, 1200 J (Option)
Surge rate 3…10s, Single Pulse
Burning 0… 32 kV; 160 mA
Sheath fault locating 0… 5 kV; 160 mA
Technical data of system   
Connecting cable 6 m (Standard)
Mains supply 230 V; 0/60 Hz, 2 kVA (110 V optional)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 800 x 1280 x 800 mm  
Weight Approx. 140 kg  


  • 1750 Joules High Surge energy                                                      
  • Safe and fast fault location with latest 
  • TDR technology .
  • High surge energy for effective pinpoint locating.
  • Various fault location methods including.


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