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EFI-50 Live Fiber Identifier

Live Fiber Detector

EFI-50 is a rugged, easy-to-use Live Fiber Detector that detects the presence of live signals on an optical fiber or optical fiber patch cord, without disconnecting the fiber network. The EFI-50 induces a safe macro-bend to allow a small amount of light to escape to detect the presence of network traffic, test tones or CW signals, without over stressing the fiber. In addition, the EFI-50 using a tone recognition feature which can locate specific dark fibers (at 270Hz/1kHz/2kHz)

EFI-50 is a multipurpose device that also includes an optical power meter and a visual fault locator built in.

The EFI-50 is a multi-purpose tool for the fiber technicians to perform trouble-shooting & repair management of a fiber network with mislabelled or unlabelled fibers, as a single man operation


  • Identify live fiber
  • Differentiate specific dark fiber using tone recognition
  • Built in Optical power meter: Measure optical power
  • Built in Visual fault locator: Identify fiber breaks
  • Can be used with a tone generator for fiber matching


Product Specification

Applicable Fibers

0.25/0.9/2.0/3.0mm fiber

Live Fiber Indication

Visual on TFT Color display & Buzzer sound

 Fiber Signal Direction

Visual indication on TFT Color display & Left-Right arrow indicator lights *applicable only for single mode fiber & for single direction signals

Tone Recognition

270Hz/1KHz/2KHz carrier signal

Calibration Function


Max. Input Power


Min. Sensitivity


Modulation Identification


Visual Fault Locator

1mW, with Glint function

Optical Power Meter

EFI-50T: -70~+6dBm EFI-50C: -50~+26dBm

Wavelength (nm)


Resolution/ Units

0.01dB/dB, dBm, μW

Reference Function


Wave ID Function

Yes, if used with corresponding laser source with Wave ID function


1.44-inch TFT screen, with brightness level control 1~10

Audio Feedback


Battery Type

AA/LR6 alkaline battery, battery level shown on display

Auto Power Off

Yes, settable 1~10 mins

Size (mm)

195 × 96 × 37

Weight (g)



  • Color TFT display
  • Live fiber identifier: Signal direction indication indicated on LCD Display & through left right arrow light. (*only for single mode fiber & for single direction signals
  • Universal adaptor: Use same adaptor for different fiber types &/or patchcords
  • Optical Power meter: 850nm/1300nm/1310nm/1490nm/1550nm/1625nm operating wavelengths with Wave ID function for circular
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