GPR for Geology & Environment

GPR for Geology & Environment

IDS GPR's are used worldwide as a standard for subsurface profiling in a variety of application from soil investigation to snow thickness measurement, geological to archeological applications.

The RIS one IDS GPR is available in multi channel & single channel  controller configuration with antenna options from 25 MHz to 3 Ghz.Combined with GRED 3D software for data interpretation allows easy processing & interpretation of information collected. A variety of survey kits from backpacks to trolleys are available to allow system operation in a variety of environmental condition. 

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RIS One and RIS Plus

GPR for Geology & Environment: RIS One is a flexible Ground Penetrating Radar solution for mapping the subsurface of the earth such as bedrock configuration, location of...


STREAM-X is a massive array GPR for sub-surface mapping in environmental & archaeological surveys.

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