Concrete GPR GP8000

GP8000 Concrete GPR GP8000 Concrete GPR GP8000 Concrete GPR GP8000 Concrete GPR GP8000 Concrete GPR
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Concrete GPR GP8000

GP8000 GPR is the latest offering from Proceq Switzerland, the world leader in NDT & marks the beginning of a new era in NDT test instruments for concrete.

The Proceq GP8000 GPR is ideal for easy concrete inspection & structural imaging including locating rebar & live wires prior to coring or cutting, locating post-tension cables, & investigation of large concrete structures based on the area scan upto 100 Sq meters.

Proceq GP8000 GPR is designed to provide outstanding structural building assessment based on a compact wireless 4-wheel car to perform structural imaging of rebar.

Based on unique stepped frequency continuous wave(SFCW) technology, The Proceq concrete GPR delivers the widest frequency spectrum covering all applications & allows detection of objects from shallow to deep depth in one scan.

Offering penetration depth up to 80cm, GP8000 Concrete Scanning GPR provides superior clarity of data. The advanced visualization feature enables Immediate insights with 3D and Augmented Reality.

The ground penetrating radar has cloud storage for GPR measurements & post-processing of SEG-Y files export data. Integrated with Mobile App that lets you annotate measurements with voice, photos, and comments. The handheld SFCW GPR allows operators to generate reports and share them instantly. Access your data from anywhere, anytime.

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Concrete GPR GP8000
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