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5 Beam Laser Pointer

5 Beam Laser Pointer with five square (90deg) beams provide simultaneous level, plumb and square reference points. All beams originate from the same source guaranteeing superior accuracy and repeatability. Automatic leveling mechanism and out of level sensing eliminates set up time and costly errors saving time and money. Easy field recalibration and multipurpose attachment accessories guarantee performance.

Product Specification
Operating principle Laser, pendulum, prism
Operating Range Up to 30m(100')
Accuracy 6mm @ 30m
Laser Source Class II, 635 nm diodes, Automatic Leveling Range, Forward/backwards +/- 6°; Side to side: +/- 4°
Out of level Indication Blinking Laser Beam
Power Supply 4 "AA" Batteries
Size (in mm) 100 x 40 x 110
Weight (g) 380
Environmental Dust, dirt and water resistant
Recalibration On the jobsite
Tripod Mount 1/4" x 20"
Options (can be used without tripod; tripod not included)
Item Code: ST-RT 76105
Automatic Leveling : The automatic leveling mechanism eliminates set up time, guarantees accuracy and repeatable transfer of points to multiple locations.
Automatic Out of Level Sensing : The visual (blinking laser beam) out of level indication signals if the unit is out of level after initial set up. This eliminates tool status checks and costly errors saving time and money.
Always on the Job : Unlike other laser products, users can easily recalibrate the tool keeping it on the job. Simply follow the instructions in the manual and with a few twists of a flat head screwdriver the tool is ready to go!
Multipurpose Attachment Accessory : Attachment accessory with strong magnets, tripod mounts and straps allow for attachment of the tool to a variety of different surfaces including metal studs, wooden beams and tripods.
Field Recalibration : Easy field recalibration guarantees performance to specification and keeps the tool on the jobsite, saving time and money.
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Product Info Downloads

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