Silver Schmidt OS8200

Silver Schmidt OS8200 OS8200 Original Schmidt Hammer OS8200 Original Schmidt Hammer OS8200 Original Schmidt Hammer
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Silver Schmidt OS8200

OS8200 concrete test hammer is a rebound hammer which has  long been the global benchmark for non-destructive compressive strength testing of concrete.

Rebound Hammer test on concrete is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete which provides a convenient and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete.

The OS8200 Proceq Rebound hammer is integrated through a Schmidt mobile app that lets you annotate measurements with voice, photos and comments & generate reports instantly. One can easily share the generated report in a second. The Digital hammer can wirelessly connect to a bluetooth printer for direct print-out of test results.

In OS 8200, the output Q value brings greater accuracy at higher strengths as it is proven that  Q-value delivers more accurate correlations for custom material curves.

The Silver Schmidt hammer acquires the Q-value by measuring the velocity (V) of impact and of rebound immediately before and after the impact, Q-value need not be corrected for impact direction. Hence, no mechanical loss due to friction, of gauge , gravity etc occurs & it gives high accuracy output.

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Silver Schmidt OS8200
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