Fiber Cleaver CLV-N1

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Fiber Cleaver CLV-N1

Fiber Cleavers are high precision instruments used in cutting the optic fiber with absolute precision. The cutting wheel makes a tiny cut in the fiber and then fiber is pressed against the cut to break it at an accurate 90 degree. Stanlay CLV-N1 is an auto-return fiber cleaver available at prices allowing large scale adoption by fiber teams doing fiber/FTTH installations from day to night. 

Stanlay CLV-N1 fiber cleaver is equipped with auto-return blade rail and a fiber dustbin ensuring the fiber technician can do repeat cleaving of fiber without strain; resulting in high efficiency work while ensuring accurate cleaving. The Blade life is 48000 enabling usage for a long time without having to compromise on quality.

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Fiber Cleaver CLV-N1
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