IDS RIS - Hi Bright

IDS RIS - Hi Bright bridge-inspection-using-RIS-HiBrightGPR hi-bright- corrosion-investigation-gpr IDS RIS - Hi Bright RIS-Hi-Bright-GPR-Concrete-Bridge-Deck-investigation IDS RIS - Hi Bright IDS RIS - Hi Bright
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IDS RIS - Hi Bright

RIS - Hi Bright for early detection of damage to concrete bridge decks. This unique ground penetrating radar solution specializes in early  detection of concrete bridge decks deterioration, with its innovative  design and sophisticated software.

The RIS Hi - Bright is provided with the GRED HD Bridge software module with specific tools for mapping of damaged areas affected by  rebar corrosion, mapping of moist areas,  mapping of reinforcement cover depth and thickness and 3D tomographic view of rebar meshes.

RIS Hi-Bright revolutionizes bridge inspection using GPR, allowing measurement of pavement and concrete slab and asphalt thickness, Determination of reinforcement cover depth and thickness, Automatic detection of rebars, Detection of areas affected by corrosion, location of deck slab and protective concrete damage and Delamination detection.

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IDS RIS - Hi Bright
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