Smart RFID Electronic Cable Marker & Marker Locator

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Smart RFID Electronic Cable Marker & Marker Locator

The RFID electronic marking system uses digital technology to provide accurate location of buried infrastructure and site-specific data also known as underground utility marker, buried cable marker, pipe marker 

Smart Radio Frequency Identification System for permanent marking & tracing of underground utility assets & generation of maps of cable/pipe utilities being installed.

A Smart RFID Marker System contains 3 parts for creating a permanent record of WHERE utilities are buried.

Smart RFID Markers SM1500
Smart Marker locator SML (with Built in GPS)
Marker Database Software

The Smart Marker SM1500 is an electronic passive marker with built in RFID chip with a unique 10 digit hexadecimal ID number ensuring that every RFID marker buried with a cable or pipe is unique. It allows permanent marking of buried pipes or cables along its route or specific selected points under the ground.

Smart Marker SM1500 are buried “over” the buried utility or key facilities during construction or maintenance. The pre-programmed unique serial number of each Smart Marker SM1500 provides precise and clear marking of the route or each important point of the buried facility (joints, connections, change of direction etc.).

SML is a portable RFID smart marker locator with built in GPS designed for: 
a. Logging RFID 10 digit code, attributes & GPS locator of markers being installed. 
b. Fast localization & detection of buried markers.

Marker Database software is a unique software for database management of installed markers. It provides convenience to manage data about your buried facilities including display of installed maker locations on Google maps & easy access to marker attribute information (& therefore information of your utilities).

Smart Marker SM 1500 provides the most accurate method to precisely mark and locate your buried facilities such as:

  • Optical fiber telecom cables
  • Power cables
  • Gas Pipelines
  • CATV
  • Water pipelines
  • Sewage pipelines
  • Non drinkable water pipelines
  • Manholes
  • Buried Valves
  • Hazardous Area

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Smart RFID Electronic Cable Marker & Marker Locator
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