Megger Cable Fault Test & Diagnostics

Megger Cable Fault Test & Diagnostics

Megger Cable Fault Test Vans

Megger-SebaKMT Cable fault locating Vans for Cable Fault Location, and Diagnostics. Semi automatic to fully automatic cable test vans for LT, HT & EHV Cables from 415V to 132KV. 

Megger Cable Fault Test Vans

Megger Portable Cable Fault Locators

Megger Portable Fault locators for prelocation and pinpointing of cable faults in industries & power distribution networks. Semi automatic to fully automatic cable fault locators for LT & HT Cable networks from 415V to 66KV Cables.

Megger Portable Cable Fault Locators

Stanlay is the exclusive distribution partner to Megger USA - the world's leading manufacturer of cable fault locating equipment in India. Stanlay offers Megger cable fault locating, testing& diagnostic products for management of testing and maintenance of cables over their lifetime. Megger cable testing and fault locating solutions can be classified as follows.

Megger Cable Testing products are utilized to prove the service ability of the cable.
Megger Cable Fault Location equipment are used to efficiently locate the specific failed part of the faulty cable.
Megger Cable Diagnostics is to assess the cable’s integrity/health and thereby predict its long-term viability

• Low Cost though predictive maintenance
• Durable equipment designed to last a really, really long time.
• Semi automatic to automatic equipment allows usage by any operator with minimal knowledge of operation
• Compact Styling
• Weather Resistant

Megger Cable Fault Test Vans:  are solutions to the challenges of cable fault location, no matter what the environment. Megger`s vans are designed to be adaptable to the needs of the power distribution company or power utility (Discom) so the cable tests may be carried out on all types of power cables irrespective of whether it is low, medium or a high voltage cable. Megger cable test vans are the most advanced cable fault locating equipment worldwide providing an almost fully automated cable fault locating test equipment solution with software that guides the user to the fault.

Megger Portable Cable Fault Locators: Specifically designed to provide quick, effective, accurate and safe cable fault location , Megger portable cable fault locators are available in a variety of configurations from highly portable 30Kg systems for small plants or towns to fully feature packed systems that can be used for portable power cable fault locating of LV to HV cables.

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