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Auto Cross Laser ACL 2CRX Automatically leveled Crossline Laser

The ACL2CRX Crossliner laser is new generation laser level for the construction & engineering industry. The instrument is ideal for level & plumb, layout and positioning applications and with a high accuracy of 2mm.

The ACL2CRX Crossliner is based on a 2 Beam laser that provide automatically leveled vertical & horizontal lines, by virtue of  magnetically pendulum system, which can be operated independently or  simultaneously for layout, marking & transfer of levels & plumb  in both indoor & outdoor building construction including interiors, foundation leveling and equally applicable to the engineering sector for  metal fabrication.

The instruments incorporate a number of features which allow efficient usage on day to day basis including a pivoted housing with its own tripod feet that allows the instrument to be used by placing directly on the ground, or the instrument can be mounted on a standard 5/8'' x 11 i.e. a survey grade tripod.

Product Specification
Technical data  
Accuracy 2mm/10m
Self Leveling Range +/-3°
Leveling Automatic
Laser Reception Range Max. 50m radius
Laser Wavelength Eight 635nm Lasers
Laser Line Lasers, class 2M, <5mW
Power Supply 3xAA Rechargeable Batteries
Size (in mm) 110 x 185 x 115
Weight (in g) 1200
2 Independent automatically leveled lasers
2 Independent automatically

Leveled Lasers:
Instrument is based on 2 laser diodes, operating at laser wavelength 635nm. 1 laser dedicated to horizontal and 2nd laser dedicated to plumb applications. A simple touch of the button allows the operator to choose whether to operate the lasers independently or simultaneously
Automatic Leveling : Self leveling. Automatic alignment through pendulum system, with ±3° self-leveling range, magnetically damped.
Automatic Leveling
Highest level accuracy
Highest level accuracy : Highest level accuracy 2mm Accuracy

Accuracy 2 mm / 10m : High level accuracy for any precision construction, manufacturing or precision engineering job.
Adjustable Feet with Plumb Laser at bottom : The adjustable feet allows the device to be utilised by keeping on the floor, positioned on flat or even sloping surfaces. The plumb laser at bottom is used to fix or mark a point on the surface.

Alternatively, The device can be mounted on a standard light weight aluminum tripod (5/8x11") using the tripod adaptor provided with the instrument. damped.
Adjustable Feet with Plumb Laser at bottom
Fine Vernier Adjustment Mechanism
Fine Vernier Adjustment Mechanism : The autocross laser has a Vernier adjustment knob at the bottom for precise positioning of the lasers.
Out of Level Sensing : The autocross laser has a Vernier lasers will automatically shut off .
Out of Level Sensing
Range of Instrument
Range of Instrument : Maximum range of instrument is 50 m. When utilised with laser receiver. Ideal for most indoor and outdoor applications.
Laser Receiver : The Autocross ACL2CRX laser has an integrated hand receiver mode and the laser lines are detected with the laser receiver RX50 upto a max. of 50m radius.

The laser receiver has a LED's for indicating whether the laser is above or below the level (in reference to the broadcasted laser beam) ensuring positioning with accuracy.
Laser Receiver
Transport Locking mechanism
Transport Locking mechanism : On / Off Switch with locking mechanism protects the pendulum from damage during transport.

The instrument must always be switched off (& in lock position) while in transport to protect the pendulum mechanism from being damaged and to ensure continuous precision of the instrument.
Additional aid for initial leveling alignment : The round vial at the top of the device is provided as an aid to alignment.
Additional aid for initial leveling alignment
Rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable batteries : Rechargeable batteries Provided with rechargeable batteries & battery charger.
Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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