SECT1 Bullet CCTV Thermal Camera

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SECT1 Bullet CCTV Thermal Camera

SECT1 Dual spectrum is a high-performance thermal imaging IP bullet CCTV camera, which is ideally designed for Surveillance, Security & Warehousing monitoring with the purpose of Perimeter Intrusion detection & Fire detection.

Dual spectrum CCTV Camera denotes that the bullet CCTV Camera contains both a visible camera providing 2560 x 1920 HD resolution and a thermal camera of 256 x 192 resolution. Both camera operate simultaneously, for monitoring for perimeter protection and fire warning.

Smart Virtual Tripwire Intrusion System : SECT1 Thermal CCTV Camera provides functionality to view an area under observation, in which the operator can define the area to be observed by setting the lines, circle or polygon which serve the function of a smart virtual tripwire, the video content (VCA) is analysed by the SECT1 Bullet CCTV Thermal camera which if intruded will be recognized as a human or vehicle, and send an alarm via email. In addition, a hooter or flashing light can be attached as an external alarm.

SECT1 Dual spectrum Vision & Thermal bullet CCTV Camera  can be used both indoors and outdoors -  in both day & night conditions including adverse weather such as Snow, Fog, rain, with an operating temperature range of – 20 to +70 deg C.

System comprises both a 5MP visible camera & advanced infrared thermal imaging with a resolution 256 x 192 & 12μm pixel pitch.
Dynamic Detection Interface : Upto 4 sections , in view, can be set for Fire detection in an area, which can be manually set with different temperature ranges.

The area color, area name, threshold and alarm rules can be set separately for each area including timing for monitoring.
Multiple SECT1 thermal cameras can be Linked up through an IP network with a commercial Network video recorder.

Deployment of the cameras is possible through easy to use Power over ethernet.

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SECT1 Bullet CCTV Thermal Camera
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