Veloget Seismometer 1 Hz

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Veloget Seismometer 1 Hz

Veloget from Solgeo is a 1Hz seismometer surface class 1 type that is extremely compact and IP67 environmentally rated for use in rugged environments.

The Veloget seismometer conforms to DIN4150-3, DIN45669-4, and UNI9916eUNI9614.

The Veloget 1Hz seismometer is a velocity meter available in Triaxle (3D), Biaxial (2D) & Monoaxial (1D) configuration for vertical & horizontal applications. 

The seismometer is based on a convenient screw based system allowing deployment on a vertical wall surface or floor & has a built in spirit bubble level. The Veloget is available in 2 ranges 1 to 80Hz & 1 to 315Hz.

The Veloget seismometer is ideal for micro seismic monitoring study in dams, large civil structures etc.

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Veloget Seismometer 1 Hz
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