MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor

MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor
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MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor

The Dakota Ultrasonics MAX II, Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Monitor, defines the State of the Art in the measurement of the actual clamp load produced by tightening a fastener. The MAX II can measure time, elongation, load, stress, or %strain in bolts of virtually any material from 1 inch to 100 feet in length. By storing the reference waveform and displaying it for comparison while the elongation is being measured, the MAX II minimizes operator training.

MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor performs the above measurements of a fastener under tension, using the transit time of a wave, Hooke's law, and Young's modulus , by sending an ultrasonic wave down the length of the fastener and accurately measuring the change in transit time between an unloaded versus loaded fastener/bolt, and ultrasonically measuring the change in length.

The instrument provides a menu based selection of material from a list of preset material types. To keep data for a bolt type, for repeated measurements for a batch or measuring the bolt elongation over life, a group can be created of upto 250 bolts containing 1 reference length and up to 51 elongations.

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MAX II Bolt Tension Monitor
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