ZX3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

ZX3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Wall Thickness Gauge ZX-3 material Thickness Gauge
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ZX3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The ZX3 is a professional ultrasonic material thickness gauge providing extreme flexibility & accuracy to field calibrate to a variety of materials & corrosion of all metals, ceramics, glass and most rigid plastics. The ZX3 is ideal for manufacturing or R & D departments that test or measure thickness of various material types, without having to revalidate material velocity for calibration allowing fast work.

ZX3 wall thickness gauge measure thickness up to 36 inches (915 mm), depending upon the material and transducer.

The ZX3 thickness gauge is a sturdy & highly accurate general thickness gauge for professional users requiring high accuracy & demanding years of error free performance while requiring only basic thickness measurement of various materials.

Adjustable GAIN in 5 steps to fine tune the gauge for use on challenging materials or applications
> 120 MHz FGPA timing
> 150 volts square wave pulsar

The Dakota ZX3 multi frequency velocity thickness gauge is ideal for measuring thickness or detection of corrosion & pitting in tubes & pipes, tanks, steel plates, boilers, glass & a variety of other manufacturing or maintenance application.

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ZX3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
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