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M-SCAN Magnetometer

The CSCOPE M-SCAN Magnetometer can locate deep buried ferrous objects up to a depth of 5 meters such as manholes buried below asphalt road surface, septic tanks, valve boxes, line identification markers, survey and boundary marker pegs and Cast Iron pipes (CI pipes) gas pipes and water pipes, buried Ductile Iron pipes (DI pipes) and joints.

The M-SCAN Magnetometer detects magnetic fields emanating from ferrous metal objects. As such it is capable of detecting metal objects at a much greater depth than conventional metal detectors. It can detect ferrous objects up to 5m deep, depending on signal strength  

This makes the C.SCOPE M-SCAN ideal for locating a wide range of objects buried underground or deeply covered by grass, gravel and snow.

With a built in LCD display, the instrument provides a Multi segment bar graph indication with Polarity indicator and Zero field crossing indicators. The MSCAN Magnetometer can locate both vertical and horizontal ferrous objects placed in the ground.

Product Specification
Detection Depth Range 5 m (dependent on site conditions)
Mains/ Line Detection Visual warning of 50-60 Hz electric field
Erase Function Background masking function allowing detection work near ferrous material
Sensitivity 4 levels of adjustment
Detection Resolution 20nT
Controls Volume, Sensitivity, On/Off and Erase
Display Numeric indication of signal amplitude, Multi segment bar graph, Polarity indicator, Zero field crossing indicators, Battery level and 50-60 Hz electric field warning
Sound 8 volume levels, including mute. Frequency (pitch) varies with signal amplitude In-built loudspeaker plus 3.5mm jack socket for standard headphones.
Sensor Spacing 0.5m 
Overall Length 1.09m 
Sensor Tube Length 0.73 m
Case Construction Heavy duty high impact ABS (Water and dust resistant to IP65)
Sensor Tube Construction Epoxy sandwich coated aluminium (Waterproof and dust resistant to IP66)
Tip Protector Construction Heavy duty thermoplastic elastomer
Batteries Eight 1.5V Cells, type AA, LR6, or equivalent. Alkaline cells recommended Compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries 100 hours battery life typical intermittent use 4 segment visual bar Battery Indicator
Weight 1.3 kg (with batteries)
Operating Temperature -20 to +50ºC
Storage Temperature -30 to +70ºC (batteries should be removed for storage at extremes of temperature)
Carry Bag Protective shoulder carry case
  • Power On/Off 
  • Volume Up/Down 
  • Sensitivity Up/Down 
  • Erase Button 
  • Bar graph 
  • Sensitivity Indicator 
  • Volume Indicator 
  • Digital Signal Indicator 
  • Power Line Warning
  • Battery Indicator
  • Pipe Joint Symbol
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Product Info Downloads

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