Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

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Dakota Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors are the industry standard for high performance flaw detectors.

Flaw detection is the most commonly used technique among all the applications of industrial ultrasonic testing. Ultrasonic flaw detector transmits high frequency sound waves through a given medium at a specific velocity, when they encounter a boundary with a different medium they get reflected back & generate clear echo patterns.

This technique is used during the manufacturing of composites, welds, metal alloy plate or rolling mill stock products to detect voids, inclusions, and flaws and adjust process parameters to eliminate these manufacturing defects.

Ultrasonic flaw detection is important in the aerospace, automotive, infrastructure (bridges, towers, etc.), manufacturing, marine, oil & gas and power generation industries. Aging structures such as bridges, airframes, pressure vessels, reactors, and ships also require nondestructive testing to ensure material integrity, airworthiness, and overall safety for humans as well as environment and the prevention of major capital equipment losses.

A variety of flaws occur in materials and parts either during manufacturing or due to aging effect in the field:

  • Void / Pores
  • Inclusions
  • Cracks (subsurface or surface)
  • Weld Bond Defects 
  • Corrosion / Oxidation
  • Abrasion / Erosion
  • Machining or Grinding Damage
  • Forging Flaws
  • Casting Flaws
  • Forming / Rolling Mill Flaws
  • Adhesive / Sealant Debonding
  • Composite / Honeycomb Delamination
  • Wire Rope / Cable Flaws
  • Pipe / Tubing Flaws

Ultrasonic flaw detection technique is used for the detection of inherent defects such as cracks, inclusions, or other discontinuities in metals, plastics, ceramics and composite materials.

Stanlay is an authorized distribution partner to Dakota Ultrasonic USA for its range of instruments. Here we offer 4 models of flaw detectors :

DFX7, DFX7+, DFX8 & DFX8+ Dakota Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors for the applications of industrial ultrasonic testing (Locating Pits, Flaws and blind surface corrosion) & coating thickness measurement.


Locate Flaws, Measure material thickness & coating



DFX 7+


DFX 8+


Use flaw Transducers & wedges &/or transducers for thickness gauges select per application

Flaw Features

TRIG, DAC, AWS, AVG/DGS, TCG, Auto calibration

Flaw measurement Range

P-E: 0.63mm to 3.48cms

Thickness gauge modes

P-E, PECT, PETP, E-E, E-EV, CT, Differential model for QC inspection , high speed scan up to 50 reading per second


2 Adjustable square wave pulsar & receives

+Tow tone burst pulsars

Pulsar voltage

100-200 peak volt amplitude rise/fall time <10ns up to 50ohm

100 to 400 V

Pulse widths

40 ns to 400ns

Frequency Band

1.8 to 19 MHz

Additionally, 3 narrow bands at 2,5 & 10 MHz

+ Narrow bauds at

0.5 & 15 MHz


¼ VGA AMOLED color Display

5.7 inch diagonal, Blanview sunlight readable color, QVGA Color TFT Display

Display size


4.54x3.40m (5.7” Diagonal)


Thickness Gauge Features



DFX 7+


DFX 8+

Pulse-Echo Mode (P-E) Pit &

Flaw Detection

0.63mm to 3048 cm

Pulse-Echo Coating Mode (PECT) : (Material, Coating, Pit & Flaw Detection)

Material: 0.025 in to 96 in (0.63mm to 244 cm) Coating: 0.001 to 0.100‘’ (0.01 to 2.54 mm)

Measures from 0.025 in to 100 ft. (0.63mm to 3048 cm) Coating: 0.001 to 0.100‘’ (0.01 to 2.54 mm)

Pulse-Echo Temp Comp Mode (PETP) -

(Pit & Flaw Detection),

Auto temperature compensation range

0.025 in to 96 in (0.63 mm to 244 cm)

Auto temperature compensation measures from

0.025 in to 100 ft. (0.63 mm to 3048 cm)

Echo-Echo Mode (E-E) - (Thru Paint & Coatings)

Range 0.050 to 4.0‘’ (1.27 to 102 mm). Single Delay Line - 0.007 to 1.00 in (.178 to 25.4 mm) Single Contact - 0.040 in to 10 ft. (1 mm to 305 cm). Will vary based on coating

Echo-Echo Verify (E-EV) - (Thru Paint & Coatings)

Range 0.050 to 1.0‘’ (1.27 to 25.4 mm). Will vary based on coating

Coating Only Mode (CT) - (Coating Thickness)

Range 0.0005 to 0.100‘’ (0.0127 to 2.54 mm). Range will vary +/- depending on the coating


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