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EZ-THUMP compact cable fault locator

The EZ-THUMP4 and EZ-THUMP12 are compact and lightweight, battery and AC line operated, portable cable fault location systems. Provide Arc Reflection Method (ARM®) cable fault prelocation based on 500 Joule pinpoint surge generator DC testing for breakdown detection, Insulation resistance measurement and sheath testing - Available in a 4-kV or 12-kV version; Offered with Fault Pinpointing (Thumping) Optional Sectionalizing Software* The MEGGER EZ Thump fault locator are designed for quick, effective, accurate and safe fault locating operations to greatly reduce system customer outage minutes. Due to their rugged yet portable enclosure, they are ideally suited either for use in a “satellite” fault locating concept for remote areas that may have less frequent faults, when ease of operation, light weight and economics are important, or for hard to access inner city locations. The units require no adjustments and are operated via a rotary control knob.

The EZT4/12 series offers:

  • Arc Reflection Method (ARM®) cable fault prelocation, based on built in TDR
  • 500 Joule pinpoint surge generator
  • DC testing for breakdown detection
  • Insulation resistance measurement and sheath testing 
  • A 4-kV or 12-kV version  


Product Specification
Output 0 - 4 kV 35 mA DC (EZ-THUMP4)
0 - 12 kV,12 mA DC (EZ-THUMP 12)
TDR Range: 25,000 ft (7.6 km)                                                   
Sampling  Rate: 100 Mhz                                                     
resolution : 2.5 ft @ 250 ft /ƒs 0.8 m @ 80 m/ƒs
Arc reflection 0 - 4 kV or 0 -12 kV (model dependent)
Pinpoint fault location
Surge 0 - 4 kV @ 500 J (EZT 4 )
0 - 12 kV @ 500  J (EZT 12)
Impluse sequence 10 seconds, single shot
Display 5.7 in. (14.48 cm) Transfective TFT Color LCD 640  x  480 pixel
Memory 1000 traces
Interface USB port
Cables/ terminations 15 ft (4.6 m) HV flexible shielded cable with MC  connector and hotline clamp HV return with hotline clamp   
15 ft (4.6 m) ground/earth cable with  hotline clamp
6 ft (1.8 m) mains supply lead set (US/SCHKO/UK)
Battery Internal 24  V  NiMH Battery 5 AH  Approx. 30 mins of surge/thumping Approx. 3 hours recharge time100 - 240 - VAC - 24 VCD charger with connection lead set (US/SCHKO/UK)
AC line 100 - 230 VAC ±50/60 Hz
Safety Emergency stop key-switch Interlock Auto "time out"
Operating temprature -4 Ëš to 122ËšF (-20 Ëš to +50 ËšC)
Storage temprature -12 Ëš to 160ËšF (-25 Ëš to +70 ËšC)
IP rating IP54 (with top open)
Weight 71 Ibs (32 kgs)
Dimensions 14 x 11 x 21 in. (35.5 x 28 x 53.3 cm)



The EZ-THUMP 4/12 series of portable fault locators combine the following features and benefits in a single device. 

  • Quick-step and expert modes, especially convenient where operators may not be called upon to use the equipment on a regular basis
  • Automatic fault locating procedure
  • Operating of unit via rotary control knob 
  • Automatic end-of-cable and fault detection
  • DC testing up to 4 kV or 12 kV (dependent on model) with automatic breakdown detection
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