OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer

 OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer  OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer  OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer  OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer  OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer  OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer
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OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer

The Proceq OS8000 Original Schmidt Live Concrete test hammer is the latest iteration of the original Schmidt hammer and provides both an analog scale and digital screen OS8000 ; It is most advanced R-value concrete test hammer with unmatched performance and ease-of-use for measuring the quality of concrete judged by its compressive strength directly affecting the load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures. 

The OS8000 schmidt hammer is a cloud connected instrument which provides safe & secure storage and allows to view it instantly on the web reporting tool without any hassle.

The rebound hammer allows prepare, test and share result up to 80 percent quicker than with traditional hammers. Spend no time on manual data entry or validating and calculating results. The Original Schmidt Live and its iOS app do it for you instantly as you test. It automatically detects and corrects for impact angle and displays the series on its screen as you work. Since series are recorded and evaluated automatically, operator influence is eliminated and time spent on manual review is saved.

Prevent read-out, transcription, and human error, and avoid losing hand-written measurements, as all data is stored instantly on a safe and secure cloud. Send the report directly from the app to your customers and have your colleagues view it instantly on the web reporting tool.

Original Schmidt Hammer optionally offers digital print console by wirelessly connecting to a Bluetooth printer and directly printing out test results. Bluetooth printer available an  optional accessory. 

Original Schmidt digital concrete test hammer is a practical tool in a light and strong fiber-reinforced shell. All mechanical components are Original Schmidt components to ensure compatibility with standards and give proven durability in tough conditions.

The Proceq Rebound Hammer has multiple applications and is the most recommended hammer for concrete and paper industries and in geology work.

• Concrete: strength estimations, formwork removal and to complement core testing.

• Paper: roll profiling in mills and converter plants.

• Geology: strength testing, ageing, weathering (field and lab).


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OS8000 Original Schmidt Hammer
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