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Sidekick Plus

Tempo Sidekick Plus

Sidekick Plus 5001 is an advanced cable maintenance test set designed to provide cable test, diagnostics and fault locating capabilities for telecom and low voltage power cables, all in one instrument. Manufactured by Tempo Communications U.S.A (Previous by Greenlee)

The Sidekick Plus Standard performs the following tests which should routinely be performed by signaling and telecom departments to evaluate ability of cable pairs to transmit & receive signals or transfer electrical energy. Key test features of the Sidekick 1155-5001 for Cable testing include:

  • Cable Fault location: Advanced Dual Trace Pulse TDR (Zero Dead Zone) (Upto 10kms)
  • Resistive Fault Locator (Upto 60kms detects up to 20M)
  • Multimeter (AC&DC Volts) & Loop Current
  • Ground resistance tester
  • Resistance & Leakage/Insulation Resistance (1G)
  • Capacitance /Cable length (Open meter)
  • Cable Stress & Longitudinal Balance Test
  • Loop current
  • Circuit loss
  • Tracing Tone generator & reference tone

The instrument is used by Telecom departments including by Broadband ISP Service providers &  PSTN Telephone networks with twisted pair or coax Copper from the exchange to cabinet, pillar or pole and into the customer premise or business including Auto test report of Pass/Fail and DSLAM Test reports and for Railway signalling and telecom departments for finding faults on a variety of cables, IT departments of Power Discoms and large campus installations managing cable networks.

Ground Resistance Test

Ground resistance testing is useful when evaluating whether a station, or premise ground is sufficient.

Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)

A pulse TDR has the capability of checking the quality of cables from the end of the test leads with zero dead-zone.

Resistive Fault Locator (RFL)

Resistive Fault Location is used to locate short circuits to other cables or ground.

Leakage / Resistance

Leakage / Resistance is used to detect intermittent resistance faults that normal VOM tests cannot detect.

Product Specification





TDR Cable fault locating  

Upto 10000 meters (Dead zone : 0m)


 +/- 0.01%+300ps +/Vp uncertainty+/-cursor resolution

AC Volts

0 to 250Vrms

0 to 9.99 V = 0.01 V; 10 to 250 V = 0.1 V


DC Volts

0 to 300VDC

0 to 9.99 V = 0.01 V; 10 to 300 V = 0.1 V


Loop Current


0 to 9.99 mA = 0.01 mA;

±2 mA

10 to 99.9 mA = 0.1 mA; >100 mA = 1 mA

Circuit Noise

0 to 90 dBrnC


±2 dBrnC


Ground Resistance Test



 Fall of Potential

Longitudinal Balance

+100dB to +20dB

0.1 dB

±2 dB from +20 dB to +90 dB,

± 5 dB from +90 dB to +100 dB


0 to 100MΩ

0.1 Ω



Leakage / Insulation

0 to 999MΩ

a. 1 kΩ to 1 MΩ
b. 10 kΩ from 1MΩ to 10MΩ
c. 100 kΩ from 10 MΩ to 100 MΩ
d. 1 MΩ for 100 MΩ to 999 MΩ


±5% up to 100 MΩ; ±10% from 100 MΩ to 999 MΩ

Measuring cable length / Distance to Open Meter

0 to 30kms

0.3 m

a. 5% / 30 to 6095 m

b.  4% / 6096+m

Resistive Fault Locating

0 to 61km


±0.5% of full scale, ±1 digit

0 to 19.99MΩ

Tracing Tone Generator

 •Tracing tone generator (metallic and common mode)

• Reference tone: +14 to –20 dBm; 200 Hz to 20 kHz


LCD Display, 320 x 240 pixels display resolution, sunlight readable

Operating /Storage temperature

–18 °C to +50 °C


Instrument capable to save Upto 400 auto tests or 200 TDR results. 


USB - 2nos, RJ45-1nos.

Dimensions & weight

279 x 121 x 76 mm , 1.4kG

Power Supply

Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, AC adapter/charger (100 to 250 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, 1 A in, 12 Vdc 2.5 A min. out) , Auto off function

Supply should  include:

Primary test leads (red, green, black) with large crocodile clips, Secondary test leads (blue and yellow), Test strap for the resistive fault locator (RFL) operation, Carrying case

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