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HMP LFG 4 Light Drop Weight Tester

Light Weight Deflectometer

HMP LFG 4 light drop weight tester also referred to as Light weight deflectometer or LWD is a portable dynamic impulse plate load tester based on accelerometer sensor used for determining the soil bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils and non-cohesive sub-bases.

Conforming to the latest ASTM E2835 standards and the German Technical Test Standard For Soil and Rock in Road & Railway Construction TP BF-STB Part B 8.3/issue  2003, the HMP LFG 4 light weight deflectometer provides measurements that have direct correlation to static load test (DIN18134, BS1377, ASTM D1194/1195/1196) & Procter test (Dpr)*.

Suitable for coarse-grain  and mixed grain soils having a maximum grain size of 63mm and can be used to  determine the dynamic modulus of deformation of soil (resilience) in the  range Evd = 15...70MN/m .

The HMP LFG 4 Lightweight Deflectometer allows measurement on multiple layers of soil, unbound sub-base and sub-grade during formation works or before overlay and pavement. Deflections may be either correlated directly to pavement or used to determine in-situ material characteristics of the pavement foundation layers. Provided with Thermal Printer & Software for data analysis.

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Product Specification
Loading Mechanism:
Total Weight  15.0 kg
Drop Weight  10.0 kg
Max. impact force  7.07 kN
Duration of impact  17.0 ± 1.5 ms
Material  zinc coated/hard-chrome plated steel
Load Plate:
Diameter  300 mm
Plate thickness  20 mm
Total weight  15 kg
Material  zinc coated steel
Electronic Settlement Measuring  Instrument:
Power supply  4 X R6 batteries
Dimensions  210 mm X 80 mm X 25 mm
Settlement measuring range  0.1 to 2.0 mm ± 0.02 mm
Measuring range Evd  E ≤ 225 MN/m² vd
Temperature range  0 to 40°C
Storage capacity of measured data 200 series
Menu navigation  Selectable 
Language  9 languages selectable

HMP LFG 4- Light Weight Drop Tester  including PC software, in compliance with ASTM E2835-11 consisting of:

    • Loading mechanism with bubble level.
    • Load plate with acceleration transducers.
    • Drop weight 10 Kgs.
    • Electronic settlement measuring instrument with measuring range Evd <225 MN/m², 4 line display LCD screen, displaying settlement data, settlement speed (s/v relation) deformation modulus Evd & 200 series internal memory.
    • Thermal printer with 5 thermal printer rolls.    
    • Storage for upto 200 test results.           
    • Software for evaluation, revising & archive the measured data.
  • 2 GB USB Stick, PC connecting cable, Instruction manual.
Frequently Asked Questions (3 answered questions)
In LFG Pro, GPS is standard. In LFG4, is it Optional.

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Determination Of Quality Of Compaction & Bearing Resistance Of Soils & Non-cohesive Sub-bases

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Up to 500 measurement series

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