180XL Visual Fault Locator

180XL Visual Fault Locator

The 180XL visual fault finder is an indispensable tool for quickly identifying bending losses, breaks in optical fibers and faults in ceramic connectors.With a quick-connect interface it fits all 2.5mm connectors and has a high output of 1mW 650nm red laser. It can be used in a range up to 7km with a continous operation up to 80hrs.


The 180XL visual fault finder is used for quickly identifying bending losses and breaks in optical fibers. If a fiber is bent too tightly, red laser Light will be seen escaping through the jacket. Likewise, if a fiber is broken, Escaping light will be visible where the break is located.


Ceramic connectors are easily tested using the 180XL visual fault finder. A fiber Broken inside, or past, the ferrule will cause it to glow, as shown above at left. If the whole connector glows, it is definitely defective.

If the end face polish of the connector is bad, light will be reflected internally, as Shown above right. This will also make the ferrule glow when the 180XL is used.

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180XL Visual Fault Locator
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