Stanlay Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer

Stanlay Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer mechanical-concrete-test-hammer
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Stanlay Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer

The Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) test is the quickest, simplest and least expensive method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete and other masonry materials. It is most ideally suited to the measurement of material uniformity over large areas of structure. It provides a measure of relative material surface hardness and is used extensively for the testing of concrete and rock.

The hammer consists of a spring loaded plunger which when released, strikes the surface. During  the  rebound  stroke,  the mass  moves a pointer that indicates the maximum point of return and at the same  time indicates a reference value on the scale called the redound number. This number, when converted based on correlation table, gives the compression resistance value in respect of the impact angle.

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