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Stanlay Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer

Schmidt Hammer

The Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) test is the quickest, simplest and least expensive method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete and other masonry materials. It is most ideally suited to the measurement of material uniformity over large areas of structure. It provides a measure of relative material surface hardness and is used extensively for the testing of concrete and rock.

The hammer consists of a spring loaded plunger which when released, strikes the surface. During  the  rebound  stroke,  the mass  moves a pointer that indicates the maximum point of return and at the same  time indicates a reference value on the scale called the redound number. This number, when converted based on correlation table, gives the compression resistance value in respect of the impact angle.

Product Specification
Technical data
Impact Energy 2.207 Nm
Accuracy Better than +/- 2 Rebound Number
(when tested on calibration anvil at 80)
Range 10 to 100 Rebound Number
Size ( in mm ) Hammer: 360(L) x 55 diameter
Weight (in g) 1080
Item Code ST-181
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Product Info Downloads

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