Telecom Test Equipment

Telecom Test Equipment

Fiber Optic Cable Tester

Stanlay is a distributor partner to Greenlee USA for its range of high quality telecom test equipment. These instruments include data network equipment, fiber optic test kits, hand-held network performance testers, copper network test instruments, wiremap testers, tdr cable fault locator and more advanced instruments and with the help of these equipment telecommunication industries can manage networks efficiently and cost effectively. 

Fiber optic test equipment available with Stanlay are as follow:

Rocoil Rail Current Transducer : used to aid non-instrusive accurate measurement of the signalling currents in a railway line

Telecom Cable Fault Locator : One of best telecom test eqipment used by telecom & facility maintenance team for locating faults in fiber cables or network cables underground.

Tone & Probe Kits : One of the best fiber optic test equipment used in telecom industry for telephone networks for maintenance applications by tracing wires exact pair identification.

Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locators : are used for quickly finding of exact location of fiber damage by fiber technicians

Optical Power Meters & Light Source : are used to perform installation and maintenance measurements on fiber optic cabling networks. The instrument family consists of individual devices like optical power meters, LED sources, Laser sources, Visual Fault Locator for complete insertion loss test sets.  

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Cable Fault Locator

Tone & Probe Kit

Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locators

Optical Power Meters & Light Source

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